JUNE 2022: What’s next for AFCA – please give us your ideas.

Our first campaign aimed to mobilise grassroots fire fighters to get active and call on the (then Coalition) federal government to take meaningful action on climate change (you can read about the campaign here).

Now, as we look towards the summer of 2022/23 we would love to hear your thoughts on what next.

What campaign ideas do you have for us to focus on? Please feel free to post here, or on our facebook page or drop us a line via our Contact page.

Here’s what we have received so far:

– help get solar panels and batteries on fire stations – as a signal that firefighters want to see tangible action, plus providing power for remote brigades that may lose power in fire events
– encourage brigades to put pro climate action signs on their stations
– produce AFCA merchandise (tshirts, hats, stickers, stubby holders)
– more resources and support for brigade training regarding tackling fires in electric vehicles and home batteries
– campaign for financial support for volunteer firefighters who are missing out on paid work due to more intense and longer fire seasons
– lobby the AFAC about the need for firefighter training modules that explicitly address dynamic fire behaviours and extreme bushfire development, given that these types of behaviours will increase in prevalence – even if sufficient climate action is taken by government.

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