We want you to share your experience of being a fire fighter and how you can see that fire seasons are getting worse because of climate change. Meaningful action now will reduce risk later on. The federal government sets Australia’s national climate commitments, so that is why we are targeting the Prime Minister and Emergency Services minister.

  • take a photo of yourself/ your crew
  • Tag in the PM and Emergency Management minister and urge them to do more on climate
  • KEY MESSAGE: I’m on the frontline. I see that fire seasons are getting worse. Without climate action, it will only get worse. @ScottMorrisonMP @senbmckenzie – commit Australia to 75% emission reductions by 2030. #climatefire
  • post your photo and comment on any social media platform you use
  • tell your mates and get them involved
  • please also post your photo on our facebook page


You can read our media release here.

“Firefighters are on the frontline of climate change. We see the impacts of fire seasons that are longer and more intense” said firefighter Darin Sullivan. “Fire behaviour is changing, and changing for the worse. Climate change causes extreme weather, which in turn causes bushfires and other natural disasters. This is our workplace, and it is becoming more and more unsafe”.

Please send us you images – via instagram or facebook.

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